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I started playing around with divination when i was 8 years old.  When i was 12 I discovered the Angels. I began reading cartomancy in my teens, as well as having other interests in working with herbs and crystals.


On my spiritual journey I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the top Mediums, psychic and fortune tellers in the field. I have also had the honour of  spending a lot of time, caring for and being guided by a true Romany.  

Book a general reading with me and see what the guides and universe wants you to know.




*Readings will be delivered written within 5 days of purchase via email.


I am not claiming to be a medium, physic or fortune teller.

The readings are done 100% intuitively, based on my years of experience through play and reading for others.  All readings are for entertainment purposes, please seek professional advice on any health, financial or other issues that may show up in your reading.