Bowspring is an ergonomic posture, focusing on 10 key areas of your body.

Bowspring is a posture made for everyday life. It will teach you a full range of harmonic movements that you can apply daily, whatever activities you are doing: cooking, gardening, driving, walking, or simply lying down.

The algorithm focuses on engaging all areas in one harmonic movement and by doing this you will create an equal balanced tone on the front and back plane of your body.


Desi Springer Global Bowspring


Unlike the traditional “straight” postural alignment model, Bowspring encourages a more natural, primitive, wavy and curvy postural and body state.

We believe that no matter where we come from, we are universal beings. We are built in the same way and we have a lot more in common than we think. The algorithm is designed to suit all body types and heal many types of pain.


If you are one of the many people who suffer from chronic pain or pain from previous injuries, let this simple, yet unique modern postural alignment brings its natural healing to you. You will feel younger than ever, more dynamic and free to go through life to enjoy all types of activities your pain has prevented you from doing.



Promote Vitality

Gain flexibility

Larger range of movement

Boost immune system

Increase self-esteem

Improve skin appearance

Release stored emotions


Alleviate Health Issues


Chronic fatigue



Chronic pain



Besides emotional healing, Bowspring works on physical healing as well, working to reshape, realign the Fascia: the connective tissue that lies just beneath the skin.




The fascia has 10 times more nerve endings than muscle tissues and is continuously creating, receiving and expressing information and sensation almost immediately to the inner communication system.


The fascia is elasticated in nature. When it is overstretched in one area, it loses its natural tension or tensegrity, or slack.

After incorrect use, this can lead us to carry ourselves in unhealthy ways over time, ending up on a path of ill health and pain. This can take away our vitality from us and our joie de vivre.

When the fascia is correctly aligned you create space within each joint, allowing yourself to move freely and openly, pain-free, light, and with the added spring in your step promoting a healthy spine and an excellent posture.


By working all 10 key areas of your body at the same time, the natural tensegrity will begin to realign itself again.



John Friend & Desi Springer are the founders of the Bowspring Method

Global Bowspring is the main hub for Bowspring, where you can find out more information including training, videos, media, and the Global Bowspring teacher's directory.


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